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UL-Listed (Verified) Red Plenum Cat6 1000ft Solid Bare Copper CMP Rated UTP 23AWG / 550MHz / 8C Cable (MADE IN USA)
UL-Listed (Verified) Red Plenum Cat6 1000ft Solid Bare Copper CMP Rated UTP 23AWG / 550MHz / 8C Cable (MADE IN USA)

UL-Listed (Verified) Red Plenum Cat6 1000ft Solid Bare Copper CMP Rated UTP 23AWG / 550MHz / 8C Cable (MADE IN USA)

  • Flame Retardant, (Plenum)
  • Easily Identified Color, (Striped Pairs)
  • Exceeds TIA/EIA 568-C.2, (Specifications)
  • Fast Ethernet & 155Mbps (TP-PMD/CDDI)
  • Suitable for High-Speed (Data Applications)
  • Can Also be Used for Governmental (Projects)
  • UPC Code :845643020745
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UL Plenum Cat6

UL-Listed Red Plenum Cat6 1000ft Solid Bare Copper Cable

If you are looking for (high-performance) cables, you are in the right place. UL red plenum cat6 1000ft solid pure bare copper cables are known for fast networking cables, even for a distance of 180ft. These cables are very helpful in your networking because you can transfer your videos and voice, which need heavy bandwidth. Because of these fantastic features of Cat6, they are very much in demand. As these cables are 10 gigs networking over 320 ft. Although gen 6 cable runs at a maximum of 180ft at 10 gigs network. When it comes to frequency, our cables support 750 MHz which is way more than previous generations. Not only this, these work best in harsh humidors in peak summer.

They are (mostly) used in factory automation processes, IP cameras, data communication, and countless other applications. The temperature of our cable goes -40'C to as high as +80'C and thickness is 23 AWG. Length of 9ur cable is 1000 ft. which is best for your need. As we know, copper is a pure metal conductor, and our wire is made up of pure copper, which is best for your fast data transfer.

UL red plenum cat6 jacket is (PVC) which Stands for low smoke polyvinyl chloride, or either (FEP) Stands for fluorinated ethylene polymer. Planum-rated jackets are manufactured with fireproof Teflon material in any fire emergency. So it will not emit harmful fumes. That's why they are run with HV AC ducks. These wires are differentiated based on their unique qualities as we all are very much into fire safety in our houses, Offices, Hospitals, and everywhere. These cables are safest and don't emit smoke, so they are environmentally friendly. In this way, we are safe to say that they are the value of money. However, these cables are also very easy to install, a plus point.

UL red plenum cat6 is manufactured by Monk Cables, a leader in ethernet cable manufacturing. Our cable is 100% Fluke Tested by Fluke Cable Analyzer DSX-1800. It is also RoHS Complaint based on the (European) Union's Directive 2002/95/EC. Furthermore, our cable has full (ANSI/TIA 568) Certification. Additionally, it is also TIA/EIA verified.

Spline: No
Packing: 1000ft Pull Box
Rip Cord: Yes
Shielding: UTP
Frequency: 550MHz
No. of Pairs: 4
Outer Jacket: Plenum Rated FR-PVC
Conductor Size: 0.573 mm
Conductor Type: Solid Bare Copper
Conductor Gauge: 23AWG
No. Of Conductors: 8
Insulation Material: FEP
Conductor Material: 100% Pure Copper
Working Capacitance: 5.6 µF/100m Max
Safety Listing Standard: UL 444
Outer Jacket Diameter: 5.5858 mm
Operating Temperature: -20°C to 75°C

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