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UL-Listed (Verified) Blue Plenum Cat6 1000ft Solid Bare Copper CMP Rated UTP 23AWG / 550MHz / 8C Cable (MADE IN USA)
UL-Listed (Verified) Blue Plenum Cat6 1000ft Solid Bare Copper CMP Rated UTP 23AWG / 550MHz / 8C Cable (MADE IN USA)

UL-Listed (Verified) Blue Plenum Cat6 1000ft Solid Bare Copper CMP Rated UTP 23AWG / 550MHz / 8C Cable (MADE IN USA)

  • Flame Retardant, (Plenum)
  • Easily Identified Color, (Striped Pairs)
  • Exceeds TIA/EIA 568-C.2, (Specifications)
  • Fast Ethernet & 155Mbps (TP-PMD/CDDI)
  • Suitable for High-Speed (Data Applications)
  • Can Also be Used for Governmental (Projects)
  • UPC Code :845643020684
  • Availability :Available
UL Plenum Cat6

UL-Listed (Verified) Blue Plenum Cat6 1000ft Solid Pure Bare Copper Ethernet Network Cable

The enhanced CMP or communication multipurpose cable is designed for plenum spaces where temperatures get sky-high easily. Its jacket is 6mm in diameter for even better protection. You also get the fire-retardant coating. An one, cable jacket for your favorite network cables.

  • Tight twists help minimize crosstalk.
  • Reliable UL Listed Blue Cat6 Plenum 1000ft 
  • Optimum bandwidth that stretches out max at 550 MHZ.
  • The 0.57 mm pure copper conductor has four unshielded twisted pairs (UTP).
  • 100% pure solid copper conductor for maximum performance in all (LAN) Local Area Networks systems.
  • 23 AWG (American Wire Gauge Conductor) with spline and ripcord for easy management of its pairs.
  • Suitable for Fast and Gigabit Ethernet Apps. Delivers up to 1 GBPS of data speed for up to 328 feet. Gets installed in all plenum spaces of buildings, houses, and skyscrapers. 

UL-Listed Blue Plenum Cat6 1000ft Exceeds All Industry Defined Protocols

Made to out beat the highest networking speed, this cable meets and even exceeds the majority of industry-defined networking protocols. UL listed (Underwriters Laboratories listed) for maximum safety and performance. Also, TAA is compliant for the best customer satisfaction. RoHS – 3 compliant and TiA/EIA verified as well. Further, it is tested with Fluke DTX 1800 Versiv Cable Analyzer. There is no safety or performance benchmark that is far away from this cable.

It is the reliable pure copper conductor and quality CMP jacket that makes UL-Listed blue plenum cat6 1000ft solid pure bare copper Ethernet network cables so special. You can also power up network switches with this generation of network cable. Compatible with all PoE and PoE+ applications for your benefit. Use it to connect different ports in a patch panel and even keystone jacks. 

Come in attractive user packaging. It has an easy-to-pull packaging box that helps you connect it with ease. To cut the desired length, you just have to pull the desired length out and cut it. Order your cables from Monk Cables. You get free shipping on all orders above $500. Further, your purchase is backed by a 14 days easy return policy.



Spline: No
Packing: 1000ft Pull Box
Rip Cord: Yes
Shielding: UTP
Frequency: 550MHz
No. of Pairs: 4
Outer Jacket: Plenum Rated FR-PVC
Conductor Size: 0.573 mm
Conductor Type: Solid Bare Copper
Conductor Gauge: 23AWG
No. Of Conductors: 8
Insulation Material: FEP
Conductor Material: 100% Pure Copper
Working Capacitance: 5.6 µF/100m Max
Safety Listing Standard: UL 444
Outer Jacket Diameter: 5.5858 mm
Operating Temperature: -20°C to 75°C

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