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Ethernet Network Cabling Cat6a Rj45 Connectors

Whether you are just starting out in the field of networking or an experienced networker, you will come across the RJ 45 terms too often. This is because; RJ 45 connector is widely used and is a must for almost every networking product. RJ basically stands for registered jack. Now, RJ 45 connectors are the modular plug that is coupled at the end of every network cable. This modular plug helps in connecting various types of such cables to devices like computers, laptops, and television. The Cat6a Rj45 Connector is one custom-designed RJ 45 connector. As the name highlights, it has been specifically designed for cat6a cables. That is why it also supports a maximum bandwidth frequency of 750 MHZ and a transfer rate of 10 GBPS. You can use this connector with any category 6 augmented cables for high-speed data transfers.

The basic configuration of the cat6a Rj45 connector is 8p8c which means 8pin and 8connetcors. You can even use this RJ 45 connector with cable accespori4s, such as unloaded patch panels and keystone jacks. So, these connectors are not just limited to being used with ethernet cables. The added flexibility makes this connector one ideal choice for a wide variety of users. This particular RJ 45 connector has insulated conductor holes and 3 pronged golden contact pin, which further adds to the durability of this connector. That is why the cat6a Rj45 connector is considered one perfect connector for connecting various types of cables and also their accessories. At Monk Cables, you will find top-quality of such RJ 45 conductors. All of our connectors and even other cable accessories are fully tested to ensure maximum performance. This RJ 45 jack is also RoHS compliant and is TIA/EIA verified as well. So, from speed to reliability, this connector is all you need to ensure reliable connections and the optimum speed of your desired local area connections.