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Ethernet Network 20ft Cat6 Patch Cable/Patch Cord

The Ethernet network 20ft cat6 patch cable is an extraordinary patch cable. It is 20 ft. in length and is perfect if you want a short but performance-oriented ethernet cable connecting any network device or accessory. You can use (this) cable to transfer data up to 1 GBPS. On the other hand, it is (so) compact that you can easily carry it around. Furthermore, the 20ft length is one perfect length for a patch cable. So that you can use this cable whenever you just want to connect your network device within a short range. As the name indicates, the 20ft cat6 patch cable is designed to help you patch the missing connection. It could be from your laptop to your modem, or maybe you need an extra short wire to connect your ethernet wire to a patch panel.

The convenience and the added flexibility (you) get with this cable is something really to talk about here. It is not just the (solid) copper conductor that makes this cable a high-speed one, and it is also the formation of its internal pairs which helps it perform better. The pairs are present in a twisted pattern, and all of them are unshielded. That is why this cable is (also) known as one UTP (Unshielded twisted pair) cable. Here, these pairs are kept very tight so that the crosstalk or another type of interference that could otherwise affect the performance of the cable does not drop the signal quality. Monk Cables is the right place if you want to buy the 20ft cat6 patch cable. We have this cable which comes Fluke tested with a DTX-1800 cable analyzer. Further, it is also RoHS compliant, and TIA/EIA verified. Therefore, you will get a (tested), reliable and performance-oriented patch cable from them. So, this patch cable is all you need for patching up with any high-speed network.