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Ethernet Network 14ft Cat6 Patch Cable/Patch Cord

The Ethernet network 14ft cat6 patch cable is one perfect network cable among patch cables. This cable is (essentially) a category 6 patch cable that offers a bandwidth speed of up to 550 MHZ. Also, it has a 0.57mm pure copper solid copper conductor, which is perfect for running high-speed network applications.

Furthermore, this cable has a reliable jacket that keeps its 23 AWG (American Wire Gauge) conductor safe from outer temperature. The convenience and the added flexibility you get with this cable are really to talk about here. It is not just the solid copper conductor that makes this cable a high-speed one. And it is also the formation of its (internal) pairs which helps it perform better. The pairs are present in a twisted pattern, and they are unshielded.

The 14ft cat6 patch cable also has four unshielded twisted pairs (UTP), which have tight twists so that they can prevent all types of interferences. Any type of crosstalk can affect the speed of your network connection. This cable is also (suitable) for all types of Ethernet applications. So, though it has a (short) length it doesn’t miss out on any performance aspects. Because of its high-speed connectivity is ideal for connecting all types of local area network connections. Any patch cable must pass all types of tests and certifications. If you buy this cable from Monk Cables, you do not have to worry about anything. The company stocks because we have the (high-quality) 14ft cat6 patch cable, which passes all necessary certifications. Also, this cable is ROHS-3 compliant, which means you can safely install it. Not to forget that this cable is also TIA/EIA verified. So, you can consider this cable with ease for a high-quality LAN or local area network connection. It is fully tested to ensure reliable performance for any LAN system.