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90-Degree Cat6 Punch Down UTP Rj45 110/Style Keystone Jack 90-Degree Cat6 Punch Down UTP Rj45 110/Style Keystone Jack

90-Degree Cat6 Punch Down UTP Rj45 110/Style Keystone Jack Blue

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CAT6A Data Grade Keystone Jack CAT6A Data Grade Keystone Jack

CAT6A Data Grade 8×8 Keystone U-Jack RJ45 90 Degrees - White

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Ethernet Cat6 Rj45 Keystone Jacks

The Ethernet cat6 Rj45 keystone jack is one important ethernet network cable accessory. At Monk Cables, you will find some of the very best quality of such cable accessories. Our range of keystone jacks is known for its reliable speeds and faster connectivity. These keystone jacks have quality terminals for optimal speed and stable network performance. Furthermore, all of them are compatible with RJ 45 compliant Ethernet products. So, for every network cable, this keystone jack will work fine. Now, coming to the compatibility of this keystone jack. It is compatible with all generations of ethernet cables. Furthermore, it also works well with all Gigabit and fast ethernet applications.

A Quick Run Around Of Some Technical Insights

  • High-Quality construction
  • Compatible with T-568A And T-568B wiring codes
  • Easily connects with patch panels and wall plates
  • Also works with Fast and Gigabit Ethernet applications
  • Compatible with all ethernet network cable accessories
  • Supports PoE (Power Over Ethernet) applications as well as PoE++ applications

The performance aspect of the Ethernet cat6 Rj45 keystone jack is excellent. It helps you form a high-quality local area network system without any hassle. Furthermore, it works well with both unshielded and shielded twisted pair cables. Therefore, you can also use this keystone jack in your local area network connection for optimum speed and reliable performance. From a safety point of view, this particular keystone jack passes all certifications. For instance, it is RoHS -3 compliant. Also, it is tested for maximum bandwidth speeds up to 500 M Mhz. It can also work with cables that have conductors with wire gauge ratings from 23 AWG to all the way up to 26 AWG. So, you can consider getting Ethernet Cat6 Rj45 Keystone Jack from Primus Cables. These network accessories are also TIA/EIA verified. So, if you do not want to miss out any safety standards, you can go with this keystone jack.