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Bulk Ethernet Network Patch Cables

If you do not want lengthier network cables, you can simply consider going with ethernet network patch cables. These cables come in a short length and possess the same high-performance specifications. Just like other cables, these cables are also available in various lengths. For instance, you can buy these cables in 3ft length and more. So, you can simply consider going with short-length ethernet cables for office and home networking where you do not have that length.

For example, you can consider going with cat5e network cables. You will get the bandwidth speed up to 350 MHZ. As mentioned, the other specifications are going to be the same, so you will also get the transfer speeds up to 1 GBPS. Therefore, you can also run various ethernet applications with this cable. That is why the ethernet network patch cables are so popular nowadays.

If you want more speed and better reliability, consider going with cat6 cable. It is also available in short lengths for easier and more convenient networking. This cable also has four UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pairs). So, because of the (solid) conductor and tight pairs formation, the bandwidth speed of this cable is up to 550 MHZ. Furthermore, the transfer speeds of this cable are up to 1 GBPS. So, even with the (shorter) version of this cable, you get the same high-quality performance.

So, the ethernet network patch cables are also an equally good ethernet cabling option for all local area network systems (LAN). Such cables are TIA/EIA verified. Further, these pass all (International) safety standards as well. These cables are also (RoHS) Compliant. So, no matter where you want to install these patch cables expect them to exceed your networking requirements. Whether it’s a plenum space or a rising vertical space, there won’t be any issues. You can buy any type of patch cable from Primus Cables. All their cables are TAA compliant and can be installed in almost every type of network system.