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Hotline: +1 914-979-1239

Ethernet Network 100ft Cat6 Patch Cable/Patch Cord

For a reliable and secure connection, the all-new 100ft Cat6 patch cable is what you need. This cable has an ideal length of 100 ft. which you often need to connect various network devices with each other. In a local area network connection, a quality patch cable such as this one can enhance your overall speed. Despite being a patch cable, it does not differ in terms of performance. This is because; their performance sides of things are backed by a reliable 0.57mm solid copper conductor.

This 23 AWG (American Wire Gauge) conductor is a 100% pure copper conductor that enhances speed and is also a reliable conductor. Due to such a high-quality conductor, the speed of the 100ft Cat6 patch cable is outstanding. It can be used for nearly all types of fast and also gigabit ethernet applications. You can also use this cable for PoE (power over ethernet applications). From a compatibility and performance point of view, you do not miss out on anything here. Furthermore, this cable has a reliable jacket that keeps its 23 AWG (American Wire Gauge) conductor safe from outer temperature. The convenience and the added flexibility you get (with) this cable is something really to talk about here. It is not just the solid (copper) conductor that makes this cable a high-speed one, and it is also the formation of its internal pairs which helps it perform better.

The pairs are (present) in a twisted pattern, and all of them are unshielded. Monk cables have the best quality of 100ft cat6 patch cable available. If you want a reliable patch cable that delivers up to 1GBPS transfer speed, this cable is the one to consider. It is Fluke Tested with Fluke DTX-1800 cable analyzer. Not just Fluke tested, this cable is also compliant RoHS -3. The TIA/EIA verification badge is also there. So, it is one reliable Ethernet network patch cable for your LAN system.