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UL-Listed (Verified) Cat6a 100% Solid Pure Bare Copper Ethernet Network Cable

No matter which category 6 augmented cable you install, it will perform up to your expectations. The UL-Listed cat6a 100% solid pure bare copper network cables are one such enhanced Ethernet cable. It has a solid conductor which is made from pure copper. The 0.57mm conductor is actually the 100% solid copper conductor. The riser jacket is made from (high-quality) PVC material. Further, this riser jacket has even got some protection from fire, etc. So, if you want to install this cable in rising spaces, you can consider going with this cable that has a riser jacket. As mentioned earlier, there is also a (plenum) jacket option. Now, the plenum is one premium quality jacket.

It basically has an additional layer of fire retardant coating on its quality copper conductor. Furthermore, the plenum jacket also can be installed in places where the temperature can get very high. You can expect this cable to perform great from temperatures ranging from -20 degrees Celsius to 75 degrees Celsius. So, if you want optimum protection from fire hazards, the plenum jacket is the right option for you. So, if you want optimum protection from fire hazards, the plenum jacket is the right option for you. This jacket ensures that the internal solid conductor of the UL-Listed cat6a Ethernet network cable remains (protected) by external factors such as temperature and humidity. So, it offers excellent protection as well.

The UL-Listed cat6a Ethernet network cable has a 23 AWG pure copper conductor. This cable has no other mixed materials, so it delivers data transfer speed up to 1 GBPS. The 550 MHZ bandwidth is even better for some high-speed networking. Therefore, this cable is an easy choice for fast ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet applications. So, this cable comes with all the industry certifications. Therefore, you will surely get those speeds. In short, it is an excellent cabling option for all types of local area networks. It can also be used for Poe (Power Over Ethernet) applications. You can buy it from Monk Cables, as their cables are UL listed and also TIA/EIA verifies. Here the RoHS – 3 compliance is definitely a plus.