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UL-Listed (Verified) Plenum Cat6a 1000ft Solid Pure Bare Copper Ethernet Network Cable

UL listed plenum cat6a cables is one of the best in business. This cable is ideal for indoor, voice, video, data, and security applications. Whether you are wiring your home, office, or big data center, we have the perfect solution for your networking needs. Plenum cat6a bare copper cables is designed to achieve maximum speed. Pure copper wires will offer a robust speed with blazing connectivity and a stable connection. This cable will provide 10 Gigabit network speeds at a length of 100 meters. The frequency of this cable is 750MHz which is more than any other cable available on the market these days. Not only that, this speed is double that of the cat6 and five times more than the cat5e. Our plenum cat6a 1000ft cables have been fully tested against all the market standards and it fully complies with EIA/TIA-568-C and RoHS.

The internal structure of the UL-listed plenum cat6a cable has eight pure copper wires twisted together in four pairs. The wire gauge of these copper wires is 23AWG. Since its conductors have pure copper, the UL-listed plenum cat6a 1000ft is ideal for big networks where fast speed and quick connectivity are necessary. These pairs are tightly twisted to reduce crosstalk and electromagnetic interferences or EMI. Crosstalk is a phenomenon that happens when signals from two passing cables intermix with each other. This can result in the signal drop and damage the data package integrity.

Our cat6a has a plenum-rated outer jacket. That means this cable is ideal for plenum spaces of any building. These horizontal spaces have regular airflow for heating and air conditioning purposes. Since plenum spaces have airflow all the time, this makes them prone to fires and the cat6a plenum has a fire retardant jacket material. If a fire breaks out, this cable will burn slowly and will not emit any toxic fumes into the air. This makes our cat6a plenum safe for indoor installations. The installation temperature range of this cable is -10 to 50 degrees Celsius. 

UL Listed Plenum Cat6a Cables

This is a thick cable. It comes with a wooden spool to make it safe from any tugs and pulls. We have a 1000ft length around that wooden spool. We strongly recommend this cable for high-speed Ethernet applications like Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, and Gigabit Ethernet. Cable has proven performance with a user-friendly design that supports a fast and easy installation process. Since the cat6a plenum has a frequency of 750MHz which makes it is compatible with 10-G Ethernet. It also complies with PoE standards. This cable is highly reliable for secure data transmissions without any hiccups.

This cat6a product is available in a wide range of colors. This is a highly useful feature for data centers where multiple lines are going from the same point. Having various colors of this cable makes a network aesthetically appealing. It also helps with finding the faulty cable without any trouble. Monk Cables offer UL-listed plenum cat6a cable at discounted prices with free shipping all across the country. Order today and enjoy our affordable prices!