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White Cat6a Riser 1000ft (CMR) Solid Pure Bare Copper 23-Awg UTP 750 Mhz Ethernet Cable
White Cat6a Riser 1000ft (CMR) Solid Pure Bare Copper 23-Awg UTP 750 Mhz Ethernet Cable

White Cat6a Riser 1000ft (CMR) Solid Pure Bare Copper 23-Awg UTP 750 Mhz Ethernet Cable

  • Quality Riser Jacket
  • Transfer Rate That Inspires
  • Supports Maximum Bandwidth
  • Suitable for 1 Gigabit and 10 & Gigabit
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Bulk Cat6a Riser

White Cat6a Riser 1000ft (CMR) Solid Pure Bare Copper Ethernet Network Cables

White cat6a riser 1000ft (CMR) is the most efficient solid pure bare copper Ethernet network cable for frequency and performance. This cable offers a great deal of functionality with a high speed. CMR (Cable-Rated) is a cable jacket that is flame-retardant and can lower the risks of fires spreading floor to floor in vertical installations. It also has mild flame retardance and meets the requirements of UL1666 for use between floors, in-wall, and non-plenum spaces. Its high performance and durability make it the perfect solution for voice, data, and video applications, so if you're in the market for networking equipment, this is it!

There is no additional material added to the (copper) conductor. Get this cable for 100% copper (solid) conductors for optimal network performance and reliability. You can transmit data at a maximum speed of 10 GBPS since the copper conductors do not have additional materials mixed in. So, this allows it to transmit data at speeds of up to 10GBPS. This cable can handle 750 MHz, providing high-speed networking.

This 23 AWG wire may also be easily pulled through walls, cable trays, and ceilings. A high-quality option for direct data/voice cable connections in communication systems. Bulk white cat6a riser 1000ft (CMR) employs only solid bare copper wires for optimal efficiency, resistance to EMI and external noise, and ease of usage. With four unshielded twisted pair wires, the crosstalk level is kept low, resulting in better performance. The jacket protects the pure copper conductor from any damage.

We at Monk Cables, provide you with the best and high-quality cable for use on riser applications. Our white cat6a riser 1000ft cable provides excellent performance in Gigabit applications. Further, it is RoHS-3 (compliant) and TIA/EIA verified. Furthermore, our cable has also been tested with Fluke DTX-1800 Cable Analyzer. We will serve you well for a long time, due to our outstanding performance and features. So, choose us and don't settle for anything less than the finest!

Pairs: 4 Twisted Pairs
Jacket: Riser (UTP)
Length: 1000 FT
Ripcord: Yes
Supports: PoE, PoE+, and PoE++
Conductor: Solid Bare Copper
Bandwidth Up to 750 (MHz)
Temp Range 75°C/167°F
Pull Box/Spool Wooden Cable Spool

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