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Orange Cat6a Riser 1000ft (CMR) Solid Pure Bare Copper 23-Awg UTP 750 Mhz Ethernet Cable
Orange Cat6a Riser 1000ft (CMR) Solid Pure Bare Copper 23-Awg UTP 750 Mhz Ethernet Cable

Orange Cat6a Riser 1000ft (CMR) Solid Pure Bare Copper 23-Awg UTP 750 Mhz Ethernet Cable

  • Quality Riser Jacket
  • Transfer Rate That Inspires
  • Supports Maximum Bandwidth
  • Suitable for 1 Gigabit and 10 & Gigabit
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Orange Cat6a Riser 1000ft (CMR) Solid Pure Bare Copper Ethernet Network Cable

Making decisions is quite tough when there are too many options given. The same thing happened with this riser rated cable. It might be difficult to find the correct riser-rated cable when there are so many available. Orange cat6a riser 1000ft (CMR) is the cable of choice for applications outside the usual domain of voice and data, even if you don't need the extra shielding. The greater bandwidth of Cat6A is beneficial to automation, CCTV, access control, and PoE applications.

In observance of the prevalent market and industry standards, we manufacture a huge amount of cable. Not only does it meet the minimum base specifications of this cable, it even exceeds some of them. It can support up to 750 MHz of bandwidth frequencies.

Important Specifications About the Orange Cat6a Riser 1000ft Cable

Solid Bare Copper Conductor

If we start from the inside of the cable, it is made up of a pure solid copper conductor that distributes the outstanding signal-to-noise ratio figures. This particular conductor that you appreciate has consistent availability regardless of the time or outside climate. If we compare it to copper clad aluminium, the solid bare copper conductor has better flexibility and conductivity.

Weather Conditions

The best thing about this cable is, that it can be installed outdoors in any weather condition. It can hold out against temperatures of up to 75 Celsius.

High-Performance Ethernet (Network) Cable

It has 23 American wire gauges with 4 pairs of cables. It helps users find out which electrical wires and extension cords are best for their home and business.

Hassle-Free Packaging:

The 305 meter (or 1000 ft) long reel of the cable has been packaged on a tangle-free. The (spool) is easy to pull without any hassle.

Why This Is (Highly) Recommendable?

Apart from this, orange cat6a riser 1000ft solid pure bare copper is a very high-quality network cable but this kind of cable is available with a unique type of jacket designed to tackle fire hazards in plenum spaces. This cable transfers fast data at a rate of 10Gbps at a maximum bandwidth of 750 MHz.

Pairs: 4 Twisted Pairs
Jacket: Riser (UTP)
Length: 1000 FT
Ripcord: Yes
Supports: PoE, PoE+, and PoE++
Conductor Solid Bare Copper
Bandwidth Up to 750 (MHz)
Temp Range 75°C/167°F
Pull Box/Spool Wooden Cable Spool

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