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Cat6 24-Port 1U Inline Coupler UL-Listed Patch Panel
Cat6 24-Port 1U Inline Coupler UL-Listed Patch Panel

Cat6 24-Port 1U Inline Coupler UL-Listed Patch Panel

  • Best Source For Networking Racks
  • Compatible with all keystone jacks
  • Has Everything You Need For Your Installation
  • Ideal solution for Fast Ethernet and Gigabit applications
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Cat6 Patch Panels

Cat6 24-Port 1U Inline Coupler UL-Listed Patch Panel

The 24 port 1U cat6 patch panel is what you need to set up a high-speed local area network. This is possible because this is one high-speed patch cable that is compatible with all types of ethernet cables. So, it can connect all types of cables with ease. As the name says, it is a 24-port patch panel which means you can connect 24 cables at once. This makes it so much easier to set up (a LAN) connection on a large scale. It is specifically designed for cat6 cables, so it also supports the same bandwidth frequency, i.e., 550 MHZ. This patch panel has been designed with 110 terminations so that you can form a LAN connection hassle-free. So, from a connectivity and compatibility point of view, there is nothing that this patch panel misses out on. It has 1 rack as it is a 1U patch panel. However, the presence of 24 ports makes it easier to connect multiple cables at once.

Once connected, the 24 port 1U cat6 patch panel ensures that your local area network connection achieves those high-network speeds as it is made from quality materials and is RoHS compliant. This particular patch panel is also TIA/EIA verified. So, even from the certification side, this patch panel is 100% tested and in compliance with the majority of the industry standards. Monk Cables has 24 Port 1U cat6 patch panel available that is tested and offers high-speed connectivity for your ease. You can use this patch panel for all types of ethernet applications. Our patch panels also have color-coded diagrams on the back for convenient connectivity. Therefore, you can rely on this patch panel if speed and easy connectivity are what you want. Like our other networking products, this 1U patch panel is also RoHS compliant for safer networking.

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