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Wi-Fi 6: New Technology or Just another Marketing Term?

Just like all of you, my response also was, what is Wi-Fi 6? Is it a new technology that is going to revolutionize the Ethernet industry or is it just another marketing hokum? If this is six that means there were 5 and 4 that we did not know about. All of these questions can be a bit confusing but worry not, we are here to answer all these burning questions. Let’s start with a basic one.

What is Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi has been around since the late ‘90s. It has improved drastically over the past decades. The term Wi-Fi was coined by a nonprofit organization Wi-Fi Alliance. It is a group of wireless protocols based on the IEEE 802.11 network standards.

Before we jump to this, we need to understand the previous versions of this technology. In 2009, Wi-Fi 4 was introduced. It had a frequency of 2.4/5 GHz with a maximum link rate of 72-600 Mbit per second. In 2014, Wi-Fi 5 was introduced. Unlike its predecessor, it had a 5 GHz of speed with a 433-6933 Mbit per second link rate.

What is Wi-Fi 6?

Wi-Fi 6 comes with the promise to change everything in the Ethernet industry. This is one of the most recent iterations of Wi-Fi technology. Wi-Fi 6 offers faster speed because it uses technologies like traffic arrangement and beamforming. These new protocols offer more security and better encryption. Since it has a 6 GHz frequency, these devices have better connectivity.

Why Wi-Fi 6 is Better than the Rest?

Wi-Fi 6 comes with a considerable upgrade over its predecessors. Even though some of these differences may not be visible to an average user. These incremental changes can make a substantial difference over a longer period. The main change that Wi-Fi 6 has is the faster speed.

Quicker speed – faster speed means faster downloading and uploading. This is all because of the increased bandwidth. The file size is increasing day by day. People also need a high-speed internet connection for high-definition video streaming. Game streaming also requires a high-speed internet connection.

Less latency – Wi-Fi 6 handles large traffic with high efficiency. This would specifically interest the gamers among you. They can have faster downloads and uploads without any interference. You can also have more reliable media multitasking.

Strong wireless signals – Wi-Fi 6 does not constrain its user in wires and modems for a consistent speed. You can have a stable internet connection without any Ethernet cable. This feature helps to bridge the gap between a wire and a wireless connection.

Benefits of Wi-Fi 6

So this comes with a lot of benefits. It has better compatibility with the internet of things and other mobile devices. Here are a few of the benefits that come with having Wi-Fi 6.


Having a great bandwidth is not a bad thing especially if you are a game or you stream content on regular basis. With this you can reach 160MHz channels. Now, this may seem catchy to some people but the spectrum is limited. Wi-Fi 6 would offer you all the bandwidth you need for such high-definition content streaming.

Multiple Devices

Wi-Fi 6 allows you to implement a technology called Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access. The simple explanation of this is that one wireless channel can be divided into sub-channels and those sub-channels can carry data to various points. Since cities and companies are becoming smarter, Wi-Fi 6 can help you to connect to multiple devices at once.

Reduction in Power Consumption

If your device is not consuming enough power, you can have longer battery life. If your device like a mobile phone or a tablet is on sleep mode, it would not consume any battery life because it would not be connected to an access point.

Is Ethernet Connection Becoming Obsolete?

This is a concerning question for the Ethernet industry. The answer is no. Even though the Wi-Fi 6 has 802.11ax and improved properties but it cannot compare with the Ethernet connection. Ethernet connection still has the following advantages:

  • You can use a shielded Ethernet cable in some extreme circumstances for total immunity from interference and crosstalk.
  • You can have almost zero latency with an Ethernet connection. You can do buffer-free streaming of high-definition content.
  • You’ll have a stable connection speed without any fluctuation in your connection.

While Wi-Fi 6 comes with a lot of benefits, you cannot rule out the importance of Ethernet cables. If you are looking to buy high-quality Ethernet cables and accessories, you can always visit Monk Cable. Order today!