The Right Time to Replace Your Ethernet LAN Cable

The Right Time to Replace Your Ethernet (LAN) Cable!

There are a ton of local area network systems (LAN) that rely on Ethernet cables for their networking. Now, just like other electrical components, Ethernet cables can also malfunction. Therefore, most of the users ask “when”. To know the answer to this question, stick to this blog. We will be sharing top reasons and also scenarios when you should replace your ethernet cable.

Top Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Ethernet (LAN) Cable 

1: Wear and Tear

Now, you might be thinking how can a network (LAN) cable get damaged? Well, it does especially if it’s installed outdoors. Yes, Ethernet cables also have to face quite tough wear and tear. Therefore, oftentimes, these cables do not perform the way they should. Because of this wear and tear, physical damages become quite common. So, when your cable gets (damaged) for some reason, it is best to replace it.

2: Below Par Specifications

This mostly happens with the folks who have just formed a local area network connection system at their home or office. When you buy a cheap ethernet (LAN) cable, it works fine at the start. After some time, it starts dropping the signal. Hence, you do not get that bandwidth. In such a scenario, experts advise it to replace your ethernet cable. It is not necessary that all (cheap) cables do not perform well. Often time, you plan to use your old network cable for more demanding applications. So, in such cases, old or less costly cables fail to exceed your expectations. So, even in such a case, you should replace your ethernet cable.

3: Upgradation

It is absolutely fine to upgrade your network system. Especially, when you have to run some advanced Ethernet applications. Now, an ordinary ethernet cable won’t be ideal for some advanced applications. That is why you should replace your ethernet cable if you want to (upgrade) your network system.

Top Scenarios When You Should Replace Your (Ethernet) LAN Cable

1: Planning to Switch 

When we talk about planning to replace the Ethernet cables, the up-gradation is the number one reason. Most of the users plan to upgrade their network connection to Gigabit or even a 10G Bit Ethernet network system. So, in such a scenario, it is best to replace your Ethernet cables.

2: Outdoor Installation

It is absolutely fine to install a network cable outdoors. However, you may have to upgrade your Ethernet cable if it is not CMX rated. Now CMX rating is basically essential for outdoor network cable. So, it is best to initially buy quality network cables so that you do not have to replace them too often.  

Is Replacing an Ethernet Cable a Good Idea?

There is no single-line answer to this question. This is because it totally depends on your budget and which Ethernet cable you buy. If you have not invested in quality cables, you may have to replace them quite often. In short words, it is not a bad idea to replace your Ethernet cables.

Final Words So, there is no time defined for replacing any Ethernet cable. It depends on different scenarios and reasons on the behalf of which you should replace your Ethernet cables. So, If your network cable has one of those issues, you may replace it.