The Easiest way to classify between different Ethernet cable jacket Ratings

The Easiest way to classify between different Ethernet cable jacket Ratings

There are so many terms interlinked with Ethernet cables. Each time you decide to get any network cable, you get confused? In reality, there is nothing to (worry) about here. This is because; it is not that tough to understand the differences between different types of cable (jackets).

Here are The Different Types of Ethernet Cable Jackets

  1. CMR

2. CMP

3. CMX

Differences Between CMR Vs CMP Vs CMX

Let us find out how each of these (cable) jackets differs from the other.

CMP Jacket

Out of all the network cables, the CMP jacket is the most common one. CMP basically stands for communication multipurpose plenum. These cables are basically used for completing a local area network system where there are plenum spaces.

Now, Ethernet cables must go through such spaces as plenum spaces are common in residential and commercial buildings. So, the (CMP) plenum-rated cables are used for installing in residential and commercial buildings. 

Let us discuss a bit on plenum spaces. In the US, almost every house has an HVAC system installed. These plenum spaces pass through such a connection. So, such spaces that are designed to handle such heat are known as plenum spaces.

So, in other words, the CMP jacket is designed for cables that are to be installed in plenum spaces. Now, in a plenum area, there is a lot of heat, so you want a cable jacket that can resist that heat to a great extent. These cable jackets have a quality fire retardant coating that makes them a safe option for

CMR Jacket

The CMR jacket is the second-best-rated cable jacket. CMR stands for Communication multipurpose riser. Now, the CMR jacket is basically made for cables that are to be installed between vertical spaces. These vertical spaces can be of any house, office, or school.

Vertical spaces also require a tough cable jacket that can withstand tough situations. As in vertical spaces, the chances of wear and (tear are high). Therefore, the riser-rated jackets have the ability to protect the internals of network cables. 

CMX Jacket

Oftentimes, you have to pass your Ethernet cables from open spaces. Now, in open spaces, the UV rays can affect the performance of a network cable. In such scenarios, the CMX cables are the best option. These cables are made from a special material known as LLDPE.

Now, LLDPE stands for (Linear Low-Density Polyethylene). It is UV-resistant material that keeps your network cables safe from harsh UV rays. So, if you want to install Ethernet cables in outdoor conditions, the CMX jacket is the one to go for.

Final Thoughts:

So, now you know the top facts about (Ethernet cable) jacket ratings. The CMP, CMR, and CMX are the most common ones. All of the network cables are available with all types of jacketing options. When you know the differences between all of these, you can decide with (ease).