Key Factors to Consider While Choosing the Perfect Ethernet Cables for Gaming Setups

We all know that a stable internet connection is essential for your gaming PC. Opting for a stable Ethernet connection instead of using Wi-Fi for gaming can be an efficient choice for you. The reason is that Ethernet provides a high-speed, smooth, and lag-free gaming experience. In this guide, we will talk about the different reasons why you must choose Ethernet cables over Wi-Fi.

Why Choose Ethernet Over Wi-Fi?

When it comes to gaming, you, as a player, will need a smooth connection. There are two internet options that you can opt for. The first one is Ethernet and the second is Wi-Fi. So the main reason is why you should use an Ethernet connection over Wi-Fi. Let us find out.

Stable Connection

The first reason is that the Ethernet cables offer a stable connection as they are not susceptible to interference. It means that you get a gaming experience without any distortion. However, when you are using Wi-Fi signals, the connection can be inconsistent and fluctuate due to various factors. These factors include physical obstructions like walls and furniture.

High Speed

Another main benefit of using Ethernet cables for your gaming experience is that they provide high speed. Good speed is crucial for gaming, as you need to play a game without it lagging. Wi-Fi can also provide high speed but it is not as reliable as an Ethernet connection. 

Latency Issue

Another issue that can arise while using a Wi-Fi connection is the latency issue. It can cause a delay between the action and the game response. If the latency is lower, it means that the response time is quick. Using Ethernet is beneficial as it provides lower latency as compared to Wi-Fi. It gives you an edge when you are playing competitive games.


Ethernet cables are more secure as compared to Wi-Fi connections. The reason is that they provide a direct connection to the router. It allows Ethernet to reduce the risk of data interception. However, Wi-Fi is more sensitive because anyone in the vicinity can intercept its signals.

Easy Installation

Ethernet cables are easy to install, as you just have to plug them in and you are good to go. Installing a Wi-Fi system usually requires a larger setup and is complex to install. When you install a Wi-Fi setup, you not only have to install the network but also have to ensure that your gaming PC has a Wi-Fi adapter.

How to Install and Troubleshoot an Ethernet Cable

Installing the Ethernet cable for your PC is an easy process. Let us guide you step-by-step.

Identify the Device: The first step is to identify the devices that you want to connect. The devices will be your gaming PC and your router.

Inspect the Ports: The next thing to do is to check the Ethernet port on both devices. The ports are usually located at the back of the devices.

Connect the Cable: After that, the next step is to connect the cables. Plug one end of the Ethernet cable into your gaming PC and the other into your router’s Ethernet port.

Check the Connection: After connecting the cables, check your PC for network settings. If the cables are not connected, try to restart the PC. 

Connection Test: The last thing that you should do is to test the speed of your Ethernet connection by running a speed test.

Bottom Line

Selecting the right Ethernet cable for your gaming activities is an efficient thing to do. You can consider numerous factors, like length, bandwidth, speed, quality, and price. Considering these factors can be the best choice for you to enhance your gaming needs. If you want to select the best quality Ethernet cables, Monk Cables is here to help you out. We sell different categories of Ethernet cable and other accessories as well.