history of networking technology

History of Networking Technology Throughout the Years

Computer networking has proven to be the groundbreaking technology of the modern age. Many scientists and engineers worked tirelessly to connect the computer. This was well before the internet took over our day-to-day life. Their work created our modern-day networking technology.

It would not be a bad idea to know about the brief history of networks and how they came into existence.

The Very First Network

In the early ‘60s, Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (ARPANET) created a network for the US Department of Defense. The DOD was a major investor in developing and establishing early protocols, languages, and frameworks for network creation. The reason was the cold war. They wanted to have a secure connection if the USSR decided to talk about their atomic assets.

The early network had four nodes. It connected UCLA, SRI, UCSB, and the University of Utah. Later it evolved and connected 40 computers. The first message was exchanged in 1971.

Development of Resource Computer Network

The resource computer network or ARCNET was developed in 1986. This was a communication protocol for local area networks or LAN. They made it public and it was widely used in the ’80s for office automation. Computer networks were standardized at that time. ACRNET was the first network that did not make any supposition about the computer and why it was connected. ACRNET only offered 2.5 Mbit per second speed at that time. It was not flexible and reliable as compared to Ethernet.

The Invention of the Internet Networking Technology

ARPANET expanded and connected the DOD with all the major universities in the country. All of these universities were doing research for the DOD. The idea of networking got a boost when the (UCLR) University College of London and the Royal Radar Network in Norway connected to the ARPANET. They created a network of networks. The term internet was invented by Vinton Cerf, Yogen Dalal, and Carl Sunshine of Stanford University. They described the network of networks as the internet. They also created protocols to exchange information via the internet.

Telenet History

ARPANET first introduced the communication adaptation in 1974. Internet Service Provider or ISP was introduced with this concept. The basic purpose of the ISP is to make sure uninterrupted internet supply to all customers at a reasonable price.


As the internet became commercialized, more and more networks were created all around the world. Each one of these networks had its protocols. They did not connect seamlessly. To cater issue, Tim Berners-Lee led a group of computer scientists to create a global network at CERN in the 1980s. They made sure that all the networks around the world could connect without any issues. That is how they created the World Wide Web or WWW.

It is an intricate series of websites and web pages connected through hypertext. Hypertext is a word or a group of words linking another web page of the same or different website. When you click on hypertext, a new page opens up.

The Augmentation of the Ethernet

The inception of the Ethernet was in 1973 by Bob Metcalfe at Xerox PARC. He did not patent it until 1975. The open Ethernet took another five years and in 1983 it was standardized as IEEE 802.3. The first Ethernet had coaxial cables with a speed of 2.94Mbit per second. Ethernet has come a long way since its inception. It moved from coaxial to twisted pair cables and then fiber optics and switches. You can now get 40 GB per second blazing speed.

Ethernet is a less expensive option for many. It has adopted the twisted pair structure and fiber optics making it easier to work with. It is also backward compatible. You can work with older cables like cat5e and cat5. The implementation of Ethernet is easy.

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